Tips to boost your immune system with regular honey drinking

Honey is a liquid resembling syrup, honey is more viscous and sweetened, produced by bees and other insects from flower nectar. If the honey wasp is in the hive of nectar removed from the honey bag found in the abdomen and chewed done with another wasp, if the nectar has been finely placed in the cell, if the cell is full will be closed and the fermentation occurs.

The sweetness of the honey is caused by a fructose and glucose monosaccharide element, and has a sweetness almost identical to that of sugar.

Honey has attractive chemical characteristics, applied to the use for roasting. Honey has a different flavor than sugar and other sweeteners. [Most microorganisms could not develop in honey due to the low water activity of only 0.6.

The history of honey by humans is long enough. From the first man use honey for food and drink as sweetener or taste. Honey Aroma depends on the source of the nectar taken by bees.

Health experts argue that by drinking honey routinely, it can also boost the immune system. We know that everyone would want his body to be healthy. And to get this healthy body alone is supposed to be supported with a good immune system. When the immune system is weakened, it will make the body vulnerable to experiencing health problems. Weak immune systems can even increase the risk of dangerous and deadly diseases.

To boost the immune system itself can actually be done in various ways. From the page, one way to do is to drink honey regularly every day before bedtime. Honey can be drunk by means of brewed with warm water or drunk directly.

The nutrients contained in honey are believed to be able to improve the immune system well. The nutrients contained in honey can also be believed to be a cure for various diseases. Nevertheless, when consuming honey try to consume it in exact number of aliases is not excessive.

We recommend that honey only drink as much as 1 tbsp per day. Honey also needs to be consumed with other healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit. In addition, to get a more impressive immune system you should still have enough rest and exercise enough every day. Avoid too much stress so that physical or psychic is not easy down.


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