The Rights of Teachers Must Be Fought

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) of the Republic of Indonesia said that the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) continues to raise the position of the teacher as an honorable profession.

In addition to continuing to meet the rights and improve the welfare of the teachers, the Government also encourages teachers to be empowered according to their profession."We are currently striving to make teachers a professional job.

So that no person handles the work of the teacher, "told Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy in his speech at the World Teacher Day workshop in 2018, at the Ministry of Manpower office, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/10).The teacher, according to Mendikbud, is a ' grassroots ' national education. The role is very important, though often considered underestimated due to its position. "There will be no ' green ' education if there is no teacher. And also education will not be fertile if the teacher, not ' fertile '. Therefore, before talking about quality education, sejahtera teachers. And give her a status that prompted her to be proud, so she has self-dignity, "she said.

In this time, Kemendikbud continues to give teachers the rights to have dignity and confidence. Mendikbud is believed to promote better quality of the learning process.One of the efforts undertaken by the Government is to encourage clear teacher status. However, with the limitations of the Government's ability, the appointment of teachers could not be done as well, but gradually. "After this CPNS test, there is still an opportunity for teachers aged 35 years to take a test of prospective government employees with a work agreement," said Muhadjir.

He said, according to Mendikbud, the task of Kemendikbud is to encourage teachers to make their students intelligent and characteristic. For that, the teacher training pattern will be changed to empower and strengthen the teacher's position as a professional.There are at least three things that make the teacher a respected profession. The first is the core competency (expertise).

This includes pedagodist prowess as well as personality (character) educators. Second, is awareness and social responsibility."He was self-proclaimed for the sake of his expertise, and the benefit of his expertise he offered for the benefit of society. If not, then the professional work can actually harm many people, "said Mendikbud.And the third is the spirit of the soul and pride of his quorum. One feature of the profession, according to Mendikbud, is the existence of professional associations."The professional association is to hone the skills, skills, together. Exchange the experience of knowledge and expertise. It should be a teacher association, "said Muhadjir.

Improvement of learning process QualityDirector general of Teachers and educational resources (Dirjen GTK), Supriano, invites teachers to improve the quality of learning to face the 21st century challenge. Teachers are expected to present learning that encourages activity (learning to practice) and competence.

As well as learning that hone high order thinking skills.According to Dirjen Supriano, the focus of the implementation of the Directorate General of GTK in 2019 is to encourage the improvement of learning quality in classrooms.

The development of competency of teachers will refer to the quality portraits that are already quite specific, such as analysis of national exam results. In this case, if the value of mathematics on a national exam in a zone is still low, then the teachers in the zone will discuss the strategy of improving the quality of math subjects in the zone."What's the problem? Geometry or its calculator? ' There is a teacher in the zone that smart the material, later discussed in MGMP (discussion of teacher subjects) in the zone.

So his name increases the competency of the learning process, "Jelas Dirjen GTK.Through a zoning approach, the government will encourage professional teacher training by MGMP and teachers Working Group (KKG). "Who prepares the core teachers and instructors of the District/city was Directorate General Dikdasmen (primary and secondary education).

We at Ditjen GTK who prepared the teaching model, then the learning units, not modules. The core teacher became a facilitator with the teachers in the zone, "he said.Today's teacher paradigms should answer four major challenges, including the 4.0 industrial Revolution, globalization, the domestic needs of competitiveness and manpower supply, and to educate generation Z. So fast and not linear changes in the world It changes the way it works and learns.

Therefore, the education of the future, according to Dirjen GTK, must be centered on the students, both in academic aspect, also personality/character.After the position of the teacher in the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, Dirjen Supriano reminded teachers not to forget his role as an educator. Teachers must be able to be examples in order to live a very important character education in the future. "With the development of technology, teaching can be done without teachers.

If only teaching, teachers can be replaced. As educators, teachers will still be needed until anytime, "he said.World Teachers ' Day National workshopWorld Teachers ' Day is celebrated on October 5th every year worldwide involving governments and government agencies, multi-and bilateral organisations, non-governmental organizations (NGOS), private sectors, academics and colleges, teachers and Experts in education.

With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably the SDG-4 on quality education, and a specific target (SDG 4. C) which recognizes that Guru is the key to achieving the education Agenda in 2030. World Teachers ' Day is an opportunity to achieve SDG-4 achievements and also provide concrete steps to address the challenges of education, especially in relation to the profession and professionalism of teachers.The Directorate General of Teachers and education of Kemendikbud became one of the recipients of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)- Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum for extraordinary practice and performance in Improving teacher effectiveness in 2018.

The UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum awards will be handed over by UNESCO's director General to the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia on 5 October 2018, at the UNESCO headquarters, Paris, France.National Teachers ' Day Workshop of the Year 2018 was held in collaboration with the Directorate General of Teachers and education, the UNESCO office of Jakarta, and the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO (KNIU).

Raising the theme of "The right to education means the right to teachers and qualified personnel", the national workshop attended 350 participants who represent the elements of teachers and educational personnel, ministries and institutions (TOS), universities, international schools, International agencies and UN agencies, and observers, and educational experts.

- Bureau of Communication and Public Service Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia

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